Welcome to our Belgian-Italian real estate office.
Carefully selected properties, as if we were buying them for ourselves! We love Italy and therefore travel there frequently to discover Italian cities and regions, their cultural heritage and their specialties. In addition, Serena has family in Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria. We work from Belgium and sell selected Italian homes within every price range. We have a professional network of real estate agents in Italy. We are the only real estate agency in Belgium that exclusively offers Italian properties. We guide you through the entire process in Belgium and Italy. We can assist you in Dutch, French, English and Italian.


The purchasing process of a home in Italy is broadly similar to the purchase of a home in Belgium, but there are important differences. We are here to assist you in the entire process and also take care of the communication with the local Italian real estate agent. We are also there to guide you on legal and administrative matters. We can also give you more information about financing options. We would be happy to discuss all these practical matters with you during a consultation.


There are many people in Belgium with sufficient budget to purchase a second home or holiday home. Some are looking for good investments, others are looking for a home to spend their retirement in. In Belgium, real estate is very expensive and it is becoming even more expensive. This offers opportunities for the Belgian buyer. With the budget for a new-build apartment in Belgium, you can buy a beautiful detached house in Italy. Are you an Italian real estate agent and do you want to sell your properties faster by also offering them on the Belgian market? Then contact us today!


Italy offers excellent value for money for real estate compared to many other countries. Tax incentives, easy mortgages and relatively low prices make investing in Italian real estate attractive. Beautiful locations: Italy not only offers affordable housing, but also rich culture, history and culinary experiences. Quality of life: Italian life is known for its relaxed pace, delicious food and beautiful landscapes. A home in Italy can be a great place to enjoy a better quality of life.


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